Providing culturally aware outreach, education and services for victims of domestic and sexual violence through leadership, hope and respect for thriving families.

Nola Kunze

Board member since May 2015

Henderson House was founded in 1980 by Mary Henderson from McMinnville, Oregon.  We provide domestic violence and sexual assault advocacy services in Yamhill County and beyond.  Our 24 hour emergency shelter offers victims and their families a safe residence, shelter-specific advocacy and referrals to local resources.    We typically provide direct services to approximately over 800 individuals & families and provide information & education to over 3300 adults and teens annually. We are here to help by answering questions and getting support to those in need.  503-472-1503

Sexual Assault Advocate

Amanda Brooks


Primary Advocate

Narumi Moran Flores


Donations Coordinator

Joan Wasson


Eric Wright - Board Chair

Board member since January 2009

Henderson House Staff

Interim Executive Director

Brandy McIntosh


Interim Program Manager

Nancy Perez-Flores

DHS Co-Located Advocate/Bi-Lingual

Laura Marin Garibaldo


Beth Olafsen

Board member since February 2013

I fled California from an abusive husband.  I walked away from a million dollar home with an ocean view and never looked back.  Saying good-bye to my two daughters, grandchildren and siblings was the hardest thing I've ever done.  I am a 5th generation Californian and knew nothing about Oregon.  Luckily, I had been recruited by a very large company and got to work right away.  I jumped into volunteering for Henderson House and the Mayor's Ball.  These two organizations saved my life.  When you are busy you don't have time to feel sorry for your self.  You regroup and go forward.  I met a lot of wonderful people and bought a home in downtown McMinnville.  I eventually met a man who supports me in everything I do.  I see myself a part of something bigger then what Henderson House currently is.  The leadership in place is supernatural.

Carol Morgan

Board member April 2006

Cindy Bailey

Board member since March 2010

Shanta Frisbee

Board member since June 2014

Henderson House Board of Directors

Beverly Knutz - Board Treasurer/Secretary

Board member since January 1999