What we are

Advocates, Preventers, Supporters, Allies

Prevention and Education

The effects of domestic violence and sexual assault is still being recognized by the larger population but community action is seeing people interrupting these injustices, encouraging outreach to resources, and dismantling the culture of silence that has surrounded these topics for so long.


We Do

-Lead Weekly Support Groups

-Walk clients through filling out various protection orders

-Help clients get into shelters, and if needed, transportation to safety

-Write letters on behalf of clients, at the Executive Director's discretion

-Provide culturally specific services and access to culturally therapeutic activities for survivors

-Help clients access food boxes and/or regionally appropriate resources

-Provide assistance related to escaping dangerous situations or necessary steps to gain back basic living requirements and needs

-Take donations


-We have connections with Yamhill Community Action Partnership, Juliette's House, fellow DV/SA county programs, etc.

-We can give suggestions for where to seek legal aide services, housing assistance, food and clothing assistance, job programs, and other DV/SA related programs.

-We serve all Yamhill County community members who need assistance (if applicable).

-We welcome any person experiencing DV/SA to call our crisis line so that we can refer them to resources in their area and ensure they reach safety.


The organization hosts both paid and volunteer (trained) advocates.

The advocates provide 24 hour crisis line assistance and support survivors,

as a voice of support and information or a hand to hold during the tough steps that survivors of domestic and sexual violence go through when healing or re-establishing their lives.

As advocates we can provide information, referrals, be a listening ear, help clients figure out what DV/SA grants they may qualify for, help clients get into shelters, help clients navigate transportation options, and connect them to other resources.

We also do our best to provide privacy, confidentiality, and a safe space to disclose and process.


Preventers are people who actively work as change agents against the causes of violence and the barriers survivors experience.

(The advocates in the organization participate in trainings and seminars that discuss the nature and theories related to trauma and violence. They then take that knowledge and use it to create educational and awareness activities within their community.) 

With some advocates do provide culturally specific services, this also means examining the social dynamics and historical trauma of the communities that we serve and tailoring our focus to meet those needs and address those specific needs.


The advocates in this organization lend themselves to certain causes related to domestic violence, sexual assault, trauma, and social justice.

-Steps advocates have taken to contribute their support to causes is lobbying for different bills over the years.

-Sitting on the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence as coalition members.

-We attend many local Yamhill County led task forces, committee meetings, and integration teams.


Marginalized communities often face the worst statistics in regards to domestic and sexual violence which is why Henderson House strives to encourage inclusion and diversity.

Our hope is that as people become aware of the realities of survivors situations they will make more room for empathy and actions towards these issues. This change would create a more encouraging environment for survivors to come forward and seek the help they deserve.

There are many misconceptions about domestic violence and sexual assault. The effects of these misconceptions result in the oppression of survivors of all demographics.

We want to see the incidents of trauma, violence, and oppression shrink.

The world needs to be a place where people are not afraid to come forward because of retaliation, disbelief, or further victimization.


What we do

Services,  Information/Referrals, Prevention & Education


What we are, what we do, what we strive for

We Don't

-Supplement income

-Place ourselves in harms way

-As advocates we can't give legal advise, but we can give referrals to local legal agencies that might be able to assist client's needs

-As advocates we aren't licensed counselors, but we can give referrals to local providers that might be able to assist client's and their needs

-Will not and cannot provide any acknowledgments of who we do and do not work with unless a signed release of information form has been signed

-Fall under the category of mandatory reporters as per VAWA guidelines that allow for the existence of this organization 



-We develop programs that work to inform the population on the existence of resources, realities of violence and sexual assault experiences, and bringing to light social injustices as they apply to women/elders/marginalized communities/etc.

-Within the community, we try to partner with other organizations and populations to give educational presentations and activities that spread awareness and inform the population on our services.

-Many people are not aware of the vast numbers that experience violence and trauma and the demographics that make up those numbers.

(So invite us!)

-Focusing on education and prevention programs and activities for youth enables them to recognize healthy and unhealthy patterns of behavior and interactions between themselves and those they are in relationships with.

-Prevention and education programs can be agents of change for how youth identify and conceptualize themselves and their peers. This can set them up for more self-empowering choices and more empathy towards others.

What we strive for

Awareness, Community Action, Change

Community Action


Providing culturally aware outreach, education and services, for victims of domestic and sexual violence, through leadership, hope and respect for thriving families.