Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is behavior that is used by one individual to control another within a relationship.

Often many associate the words/term

"domestic violence" with just physical or sexual violence, but with the power and control wheel below, explore other types of abuse that perpetrators use.

Note: Above you'll read "Using Male Privilege", this is not meant to say women can't be abusers or that LGBT couples can't experience domestic violence. This particular Power and Control Model was created in 1982 and so the language has not caught up with modern times. The "Using Male Privilege" slice of the pie above, could also be seen as using dominant gender societal ideals to use as power and control tactics over your partner. 


A male telling his female partner he is in charge and will make all the big decisions.

A female telling her male partner he should be making more money and that he is not providing for his family like he should.

A male telling his male partner he is the more masculine one in the relationship so his partner should do "xyz"- aka one partner defining the gender roles within the relationship. 




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