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Domestic Violence Group

This is a support group for women with an in-depth look at domestic violence, and the effects you and your children experience emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially.  Learn how to identify domestic violence, stay safe while learning new skills, and look for the "signs" of someone who is abusive.  You have the opportunity to move beyond the domestic violence into a fuller, richer life.  You begin to heal when you accept and deal with the fact you were abused.  This group offers peer support from those who have gone down the same path.


Grupo de Violencia Domestica 

​Este es un grupo do apoyo para mujeres en violencia domestica, el cual mira a los efectos que usted y sus niños experimentan emocionalmente, físicamente, mentalmente y socialmente.  Aprenda como identificar la violencias domestica y seguir adelante, aprendiendo nuevas habilidades para seguir adelante, y saber las penales de alguien abusivo.  Usted tiene la oportunidad de seguir adelante después de la violencia domestica de una manera rica y sana.  Usted comienza a sanar cuando usted acepta el hecho de que usted fue abusada.  Este grupo ofrece apoyo de amigas que han hecho su mismo paso.

Sexual Assault/ Adults Molested as Children Group

This is a group for adults that were molested as a child/teen or who have been sexually assaulted as an adult.  YOU ARE NOT ALONEThe program is a peer support system providing guidance to those who have suffered greatly due to unresolved sexual abuse during childhood/adolescent years or as an adult.  This program provides a safe environment to promote the healing process towards overcoming this obstacle and becoming a healthy survivor.  We discuss leaning to trust, while setting healthy boundaries, how to respect yourself, staying safe, and getting help from safe people.  We will find healthy techniques for dealing with anger, taking good care of yourself, begin healing from stress-related events, and how to make the present and future better than the past.  



Providing culturally aware outreach, education and services for victims of domestic and sexual violence through leadership, hope and respect for thriving families.