Child Abuse Awareness

What To Tell A Child 

You have the right to be safe in your home.

Don’t Try To Get In The Middle Of The Abuse!
It is not safe for you to try to stop the abuse or to protect your mom. Remember, it is your job to keep yourself safe! 

If You Can Get To A Phone Safely, Call 9-1-1!
Tell the police where you are and what is happening. The person on the phone will talk to you until the police arrive. Remember, you don’t need money if you use a pay phone. 

Get To A Safe Place!
Practice how to get out of your home safely. Which doors, windows, or stairs would be best? Which neighbor can you go to for help? 

It’s Not Your Fault!
Remember, the violence against you or against your mom is never your fault. No one has the right to hurt or threaten you. 

Are you afraid at home or at School? Tell a safe person!

If you need to talk with a safe person about any of these problems, tell: 

  • A Teacher 
  • A Crisis Advocate 
  • Your School Police Officer 
  • Someone in your Family 
  • Your School Counselor 
  • Someone at your Place of Worship 
  • Another Person you Trust 

What is Domestic violence?

  • Domestic Violence is when one person uses hitting, hurting, name-calling, or threats to make another person do what they say. It happens with people that are married, divorced, dating or living together. 
  • Domestic violence happens because one person believes they have a right to have power and control over their partner. It is not about anger, alcohol or drugs. 
  • Domestic violence occurs in every part of our society. 

What is sexual assault?

  • Sexual assault is any touching in any place or in any way that makes you feel uncomfortable. 
  • It is OK to say NO if someone tries to touch you in ways that make you feel frightened, confused or uncomfortable. 
  • It is not your fault if someone touches you in a way that is not OK. You don’t have to keep secrets about those touches. 
  • Some secrets are good secrets. An example of a good secret is a birthday gift. A bad secret would be if someone touched you and then told you not to tell anyone. 
  • It is never too late to ask for help. You can keep asking until you get the help you need 

Get Help

24-hour Crisis Line

Office Phone
(503) 472-0244

Advocacy Center Location
610 SE First St
McMinnville OR 97128

Hours of Operation
day – Friday, 9am-5pm 

Service Area
Yamhill County, Oregon

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