Many survivors find that they need a safe and secret place for themselves and their children to stay. It may not be safe for them to stay another night under the same roof as their abuser. Even after fleeing, some survivors may still be in danger if their abuser knows where they are living. Henderson House offers emergency shelter for survivors of abuse who are in immediate danger.  

Often when people hear the word “shelter,” they think of a large dormitory with hundreds of beds and no privacy. Our shelter is a home, you wouldn’t know it was a shelter from the outside.  While it can be a hectic and busy place, shelter advocates strive to make it a welcoming space. We operate out of a confidential location. Clients are welcome to use the shelter as a transition point as they seek more permanent housing, and can stay up to 30 days.  

We set each client up with a primary advocate who provides case management through their stay (up to 30 days). A case management plan is provided for each individual client to keep them on a path to a new life free of violence. Clients are encouraged to follow their case management plan while in shelter. When case management is not an option due to relocation circumstances, clients are able to work with advocates to address their individual needs to move forward.  

While staying at the shelter, clients have chores that must be completed by 9am every day and room checks are preformed daily to ensure cleanliness. Each individual client or family has their own private room. However, the kitchen, living room, dining room, and bathrooms are shared spaces. 

Due to COVID-19 precautions, at this time room checks are not done daily for the protection of clients and staff. Clients are still expected to follow through with rights and responsibilities provided at the beginning of the shelter intake process.

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24-hour Crisis Line

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(503) 472-0244

Advocacy Center Location
610 SE First St
McMinnville OR 97128

Hours of Operation
day – Friday, 9am-5pm 

Service Area
Yamhill County, Oregon

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