Domestic Violence

What is it? 

Domestic Violence is a pattern of coercive tactics that can include physical, psychological, sexual, economic, and emotional abuse, perpetrated by one person against an intimate partner, with the goal of establishing and maintaining power and control. It occurs in all kinds of intimate relationships, including married couples, people who are dating, couples who live together, people with children in common, same-sex partners, people who were formally in a relationship with the person abusing them, and teen dating relationships. 

Why do victims stay? Why don’t they just leave? 

Abusers use manipulation, coercion, and controlling tactics to maintain power and control in their relationships. More effective questions to ask are: “What did the abuser do to force them to stay?”, “How did the abuser force them back?”, and “What did the abuser do?”. Domestic violence is a choice that abusers use to gain and maintain power and control. It is never the fault of the victim. Victims do whatever they can to survive and keep themselves and/or their children safe. 

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